Whole House Renovation

As homeowners go through phases in their life, needs change. The once perfect starter home soon becomes too small for a growing family. Once children leave, however, there becomes a need to make spaces for functional for a reduced family size yet roomy enough for family reunions. It is not necessary to move every time the needs of a family changes when whole house renovations are managed by professionals such as found at VERA Construction.

Today’s home buyers are looking for spaces that are more open and can be used in better ways. Opening floor plans, changing the location of stairs, and even moving living spaces and bedrooms can enhance an existing home without the need for relocation. Additionally, when a whole house is renovated, the money can be more than recouped upon resale. Planning is of primary importance and working with an experienced company like VERA Construction can alleviate many concerns.

One thing that this type of renovation provides is the opportunity to upgrade elements that are often overlooked, such as insulation and energy efficient appliances and windows. With skyrocketing energy bills, it is important that every crack and leak is protected and that windows do not allow drafts. With VERA Construction, preplanning designs will anticipate every potential need in the home in order to ensure that money is saved on utility bills for years to come. Best of all, construction can usually be accomplished without the need to relocate while work is being performed.

For those who want to help protect the environment, this is a great time to “go green.” Environmentally friendly low VOC paints, natural carpets, sustainably harvested wood floors, and other green materials are now readily available as well as affordable. The result is not only a beautiful interior, but fewer products that contain chemicals that give off gas which is healthier for families as well as great for the environment.

This is not only a great time to change the interior, but exterior as well. Many homes need an exterior overhaul to enhance their sustainability as well as resale value. This is easily accomplished during a whole house renovation. New exterior paint, siding, or faux finishes not only augment a home’s appearance, making it more marketable, but can also help enhance energy efficiency. With VERA Construction, all aspects of a home are considered when planning a whole house renovation.

This is a great time to think “outside-the-box.” Just because the master bedroom is located where it currently is or the kitchen is limited in size does not mean it has to stay that way. The advantage of this type of remodel is that anything is possible and often will serve to make spaces more functional and inviting.

With a whole house remodel VERA Construction can provide a fresh, new design that can make any house feel like a brand new home. Our company can help homeowners make bold design decisions, rearrange spaces to make them more functional as well as upgrade and renew existing elements. This type of renovation not only gives an old home a new purpose, but can extend its life for many years.

A VERA Construction representative is available to arrange a free consultation where the unique needs of homeowners can be evaluated. This is a full-service company that believes in what we do so much that we provide a labor warranty and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We are here to ensure that your home remains adequate to meet the many phases of life, which prevents the need to move from a home that is loved.