Most homeowners dream of a beautifully landscaped property, but have limited success when trying to transfer that vision into a reality. Utilizing the services of a company that can design and evaluate needs as well as implement a vision, such as VERA Construction, can show how easy this type of chance can be. Not only will a well-landscaped property enhance the value of a home, but can also create a space that serves as a haven to those who reside there.

One of the most important elements, beyond the overall vision, is the plant choice. Simple landscaping that is low maintenance requires much different foliage than one that is designed to attract birds and wildlife or serve as a party-central. One of the advantages of using a professional who is knowledgeable about landscape design is that property needs are evaluated and incorporated into the overall design while also reflecting the preferences of homeowners.

New varieties of plants and shrubs are developed each year. Keeping up with changes can be difficult for homeowners that buy at nurseries, especially for those that have limited knowledge about new varieties of plants. Although they may be beautiful in the store, they may not transplant well or may be difficult to maintain. Additionally, those that are dwarf in size may not fit in with the existing landscape. Working with the professionals at VERA Construction, however, will alleviate any concerns about the best foliage to enhance any garden space.

The long-term use for the property is a key component in any design. Although a young newly married couple may want limited grassy areas, once children are added to the family this may change. By installing automated sprinkler systems and making careful decisions about tree and plant placement, adding grass later on is not difficult. On the other hand, a mature couple may need a garden design that requires less maintenance, which is also easy to cope with as they age. Professionals at VERA Construction understand the changing needs of families and keep this in mind during planning and design.

A thorough evaluation of a property is important where high and low spots are assessed. This is a crucial step since it will affect drainage, which ultimately impacts plant growth. Occasionally, major topographical changes are required to accommodate these needs. For example, in areas where ground remains wet for extended periods of time, some form of drainage system may need to be added or the area may need to be re-sculpted. These areas can also be designed for a different use such as a raised patio area, footbridge, or something else that enhances the overall look of the yard.

Turning a backyard space into an additional living area is also relatively easy when working with VERA Construction. A barbeque island, eating area, segregated entertainment center, and outdoor fireplace provide inviting areas for family and friends to gather. When highlighted with outdoor lighting and up-lighting, a backyard space can become most magical.

The right landscaping will add value to a home as well as enhance the enjoyment of residents. VERA Construction understands how important this space can be and are eager to help homeowners enhance the overall beauty of their home inside and out. Contacting a representative that will set up a free consultation can demonstrate just how affordable and enjoyable this space can be.