VERA Construction is a professional project design/management company that creates stand-alone projects, construction, and development management services that impact many sectors of the construction industry. Our full range of services include all aspects of project design, development, and management including planning, architectural design, structural engineering, project management, and construction for both residential and commercial projects. Whether requesting an addition to an existing building, conversion of an existing space, or new build, our team can create and produce a project you can be proud of. Additionally, it can also include the beautiful landscaping required to make it memorable and add value.

Design and construction management were, at one time, two separate elements in the building process. An individual would have to find an architect, computer modeler, or other kind of designer, request the proper permits, then hire a construction company to complete the work. Without these working in tandem a project could not get off the ground. For centuries this process began on paper and took an inordinate amount of time. However, with today’s technology and team approach it is now all completed through a single entity, such as V.E.R.A. Construction. The result is a faster turnaround time and increased cost efficiency.

The focus at VERA Construction is on customer service. We value creation and innovation while maintaining the goal of providing value-added outcomes and an optimum return on investment. Often projects require flexible solutions in order to achieve client goals. At VERA Construction our designers create the right design the first time and generate a plan that will ensure completion on-time and on-budget. Best of all, we have experience in managing projects of any size. All aspects of a project are anticipated, agreed upon in advance, and managed efficiently, which gives clients peace-of-mind knowing their dream is in good hands.

VERA Construction employs a team of professionally accredited and highly skilled employees. Once plans are received by the project manager, the team is able to bring the project to life. As a team they have the ability to deliver complex and high profile projects that exceed client expectations. From initial budget outlay to project supervision, VERA Construction utilizes a hands-on approach to service delivery that results in successful and sustainable property projects.

First class construction and the use of high quality products are keys to the success of projects completed by VERA Construction. We take pride in the quality of our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Due to the fact that our standards often exceed those of our clients, final projects exceed customer demands and lead to long-term working relationship as well as many referrals.

For those interested in beginning a new build, renovation, upgrade, or some other project, contacting V.E.R.A. Construction today will lead to a free consultation that will help ensure selecting this company was a wise choice. The result will be a project that you can be proud of and that is a wise investment.