Raising a family is a huge commitment, especially in today’s high-tech world. Sockets, cords, shelving, chemicals, and many other things could be potentially life-threatening to a child. This is especially so for little ones who are just beginning to explore the world with little fingers and mouths. At VERA Construction we take the safety of children very seriously and are ready to evaluate homeowner needs as well as develop a plan and work with parents to ensure children, regardless of age, remain safe while in the home.

Although many people attempting childproofing on their own end up with spaces that resemble a daycare center, this does not have to be the case. The general belief that if something dangerous is put out of reach, children will not get hurt. This could not be farther from the truth since children are quite ingenious when it comes to finding ways to get to things they should not have access to, especially if they have to scale bookcases and cabinets to get to them. Although that pretty glass bobble may be a prize crystal family heirloom, does not mean it is not also an enticing toy for a toddler.

When childproofing, many parents also fail to protect against the hazards caused by appliances. A child crawling into a refrigerator to get something to eat and having the door accidentally close on them could find they panic in the dark and do not have the strength to push it back open again. In this case, children often reach a hypothermic state in a very short amount of time or suffocate as refrigerators are airtight. Hot stoves, microwave ovens, toasters, and much more could all turn lethal in little hands.

Electronics are also quite enticing to little ones. Many of today’s LCD TVs are mounted on walls; however, if placed on an entertainment center they are less sturdy and could easily tip onto a curious toddler. The worse part of these and other pieces of electronic equipment is the wiring. In most homes there are miles of wires needed to run phone lines, TVs, cable boxes, computers, curling irons, cell phone rechargers, and much more. Children have been known to chew and eat anything. Their hands and mouths are their primary source of learning before they can talk. When bitten into, however, wiring plugged into a socket can give a toddler a nasty shock. Along with this outlets must also be considered when childproofing as the general rule with children is ‘if it has a hole, stick something in it.’ The voltage carried through outlets has caused fatalities in small children.

Homes are filled with hazards for children. Lamps, plant holders, decorations, and many other things that can be easily knocked over can also kill. Additionally, things like staircases, cabinetry, places where running is limited due to furniture layout, venetian blind cords, draperies, and even throw rugs can cause injuries or death.

When looking around a home objectively it is easy to see there are many things that could be dangerous. Don’t risk your baby’s life. By working with a professional at VERA Construction, the home can be evaluated for potential dangers and recommendations for childproofing can be made. Installation is quick, easy, and affordable. By contacting a representative today, peace of mind can be had very quickly.