Basement Renovation

Forget the dingy, dark basements of horror film fame. A high-quality VERA Construction basement renovation will take an overlooked part of your home and transform it into space for entertaining guests, shooting a game of pool, or catching a movie in your own home theatre. Or add another bedroom for when the in-laws visit, or when teenagers need a space of their own.

There can be tremendous opportunities for increasing living space, but there can also be many obstacles and problems that are more likely to be encountered in a basement renovation/finishing project than in any other area of your home. Issues such as moisture, ventilation, adding plumbing and electrical services, and more can create many headaches and added expenses unless handled by professionals who specialize in this field. The upside of the adding living space without the expense of a whole new addition to your home, however, makes it well worthwhile.


Here are the steps to get a basement you always wanted

1. Free consultation and estimate. Your basement renovation begins with a free consultation with a team of VERA Construction professionals, who will walk you through the process and offer an estimate for the project.

2. Planning. Tell us all about your budget, desired timeframe, and goals for your new basement, and we’ll work through the details with you. More than any other renovated space, basements offer hundreds of potential options. Anything you can dream, we’ll make a reality. And we’ll sign a detailed contract that outlines the entire project and guarantees our work.

3. A dream takes shape. After our highly-trained craftsmen begin your basement renovation, we continue to welcome your input to guarantee your satisfaction. Our contractors are meticulous and skilled at what they do.

4. Enjoy the finished product. Admire your new finished basement, and then get to work playing in your new space! Before we go, we’ll clean up and make sure your renovation is exactly what you imagined it would be. Our full warranty plan —shows the pride we take in our work.

Let’s begin the journey to your spacious finished basement. Please contact us to set up your free consultation!