Granite Installation

When renovating or building a new kitchen, one of the most important things is the countertops. These surfaces need to not only look attractive, but be durable and easy to clean as well. The latest decorating trends for kitchen and bathroom countertops has demonstrated that granite is, by far, the most popular. With the talented team at VERA Construction, this can change a dull kitchen or bathroom into one of beautiful elegance.

For many years most people could not afford granite countertops due to its high price. However, over the years this has changed and it is now available at reasonable price-points. In addition, granite is now offered in numerous colors, which blend well with the rest of the kitchen’s d├ęcor.

Two popular colors are gold and green. Gold has a warm conservative color, which has metallic elements. There are usually strands of white, black, or gray, which makes them fit in perfectly with other colors in the room. Green granite comes in a wide variety of colors with traces of supporting colors. An example is Emerald Green that comes from Norway. This particular example comes with blue and aqua shadings. It is particularly appropriate with white or light cabinets. There is also a darker Forest Green with gray and rose shades as well as Peacock Green that contains contrasting greens, blacks, and iridescent blues. These are just a few available that can make a sparkling change to a kitchen or bathroom area.

Some homeowners also like to have the granite installed as a backstop. This gives a continuous color pattern that stresses the colors involved and sets a color theme for the entire space. Whatever type is chosen it is important to remember that this countertop is going to last for a very long time. Therefore, making sure the granite color and pattern will fit in with future changes is very important. The VERA Construction team is well-versed at planning a space that can change over time yet remain elegant, luxurious, and beautiful.

A granite countertop is cut to order and works equally well with a ‘drop-in’ or ‘under-mount’ sink. It can be used for straight countertops or for unusually shaped areas. Regardless of the shape it is possible to continue the pattern throughout the entire kitchen. At VERA Construction our expert countertop installers are able to cut the granite and fit it beautifully into any shaped area. This is done quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable price.

This kind of installation in a home not only adds beauty to a room, but also increases the property value of a property as well. It also provides owner satisfaction since it is able to show guests that you have modern decorating instincts and are able to apply them appropriately.

When making this kind of a dramatic change to a room, it is beneficial to engage VERA Construction for many reasons. We not only help with the vision and planning, but also do the job in a way that exceeds customer expectations and saves money as well. We are able to obtain the highest quality materials and our highly trained employees will provide exceptional service, which will result in an outstanding addition to any home; ultimately adding both value and beauty.