Commercial Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping a commercial building in good condition. Making a small repair, which is discovered with a routine maintenance program, can save a business thousands of dollars. It is much less expensive to repair a small plumbing problem rather than waiting until it develops to the point of causing flood damage that could cost thousands to repair. The full-services provided by VERA Construction can ensure that little problems do not get out of hand.

If the commercial building involved is an apartment house, a routine maintenance program is especially important. This means that the investment property is kept in the best condition whether a broken light fixture or a broken gas pipe is involved. This type of commercial property that is maintained on a regular basis serves as an asset rather than a drain on profit for years.

At VERA Construction we provide this kind of service. With our maintenance service disturbances that frequently occur during the night in a home or business office because of needed repairs or other building concerns need not occur. Whether an office building, apartment, residence, or other location, we are on the job 24 hours a day. We make regular reports on the property’s condition and keep owners informed of any potential problems that need early correction.

It is very expensive to hire repair people for each job that needs to be done. There is a fee just to come out and look at the job and this is followed by the cost per hour for repairs. This kind of repair can be very hard on the budget and greatly reduce the property’s cash flow. With our maintenance team, however, there is only one monthly charge regardless of the number of repair jobs requested.

We have professionals who are highly trained and can work on anything that can possibly go wrong. This may be replacing a broken window, fixing an overflowing sink, replacing a broken water line, or one of the hundreds of other things that can go wrong in any commercial business.

When you are in a business where people are paying rent, residents expect the property to be maintained in a reasonable manner. They do not want to have to live with a flooded floor, broken lights, an overflowing toilet, or other problems that happen on a regular basis. They want and deserve a prompt response to the problem. With VERA Construction maintaining properties there will be happy tenants who will want to remain for a long time.

Being the owner of a commercial building is a big responsibility. Not only do you want the business to run smoothly, but want a return on your investment as well. Our company can relieve you of any anxiety over both of these problems. Since we are on call 24/7 there is no delay in any requests for service. Our charges are geared to the size of the property to be maintained and are very reasonable. You will find our employees work quickly and efficiently while being courteous to the occupants. When looking for an excellent maintenance service with a company that has a first-class reputation in the field, VERA Construction is only a phone call away.