Commercial / Industrial renovations

As a business grows and develops, needs change. As a result, renovations are often required. Regardless of whether these projects are minor cosmetic upgrades or major expansions, for those using the space it is important that construction does not adversely impact those working or living on the property. VERA Construction understands that limiting a business’s ability to operate for even a few days can have dire financial consequences. Therefore, different approaches are taken to meet specific challenges and needs.

All renovation projects, whether they are for commercial, industrial, or residential properties, need to be well-planned in advance. Actually, commercial/industrial renovations are very similar to residential in that both require demolition and rebuilding on some level. However, for commercial/industrial property the process has many more steps and layers because codes for public-accessibility are much more extensive. Often this adds to the cost of planned changes not only in building expenses, but in lost revenues while work is being completed.

If renovations are not completed as a company grows, lost revenues will result or company profits may plateau. Many companies, therefore, seek renovations in order to create more space, increase appeal, or just create an appearance that is more appealing to patrons. After all, office space should present the best face possible for the company; otherwise sales can be lost if the facade is dowdy, in disrepair, or out-dated. If comparing a smaller, growing company to large commercial chains it is easy to see that the streamlined formulas developed over years of experimentation by larger organizations serves to ensure that needs are met in a timely manner.

There is no doubt that renovating during growth phases is a win-win situation. At VERA Construction we have seen it all and look forward to working with clients to create innovative solutions to any problems. During our extensive experiences we have transformed some of the scariest office areas into luxurious, rich, beautiful spaces that served to ensure consumers saw the best a company had to offer. In all cases, these changes served to improve the bottom line.

At VERA Construction we utilize an integrated team approach to compensate for those that do not have a corporate powerhouse behind them. However, we also work well with corporations that have identified specific needs. With our full-service design as well as talented and professional staff, any company can continue to grow while presenting a facade that truly reflects their esthetics, philosophy, and commitment to consumers.

Building a business should be an adventure and an opportunity to make a great living. With the right renovations there is no reason this cannot be the status quo. The first step is to determine where the business is and where it should be in the near future then contact V.E.R.A. Construction for a free consultation. We know what works and what doesn’t and will help any commercial/industrial property owners design their next renovation in order to achieve the desired results.