Even for those who have gone through the process before, remodeling and/or new construction is stressful. Along with the many decisions about what needs to be done are also added financial consideration and time constraints that can soon become. At VERA Construction the challenges associated with residential and commercial renovation and new builds are seen as a change to creatively resolve issues. The staff at this company loves a challenge and embraces new projects with enthusiasm.

VERA Construction works diligently to develop a working relationship with clients’ that ensures successful outcomes. We utilize a five-step process that is integrated and innovative. This ensures any project comes in under budget and on-time. With the use of our creative integration approach, the staff at VERA Construction keeps the lines of communication open and ensures clients are apprised of progress beginning with the consultation and ending at final approval. Of course, our follow-up with clients is a key to ensuring customer satisfaction is always achieved.

The Process:

1. Initial Contact-
A representative will set up a free consultation where the process will be explained. This will be arranged following contact by phone, email, or using the “contact us” form online.

2. Initial Visit-
At the first visit a file is created that outlines the budget, timeline, and details required to generate an accurate quote. The representative will be selected based on individual needs and area of expertise. The information will then be used to generate plans that are best suited to the project. As is common in construction, financing can often become a barrier to achieving the outcome most desired. The staff at VERA Construction works diligently to ensure funding is acquired that will turn any dream into a reality. All documentation required to fund a project is forwarded to key agencies in a timely manner in order to prevent funding delays from becoming a deterrent to project completion.

3. Development of Plans-
Client visions are converted into sketches and plans in order to ensure the end results reflect desires. Legal specifications and the extent of work are reviewed during this follow-up meeting. At this time high quality products from which to choose are also presented along with a complete breakdown of all costs. Additionally, a schedule that fits within time limits will show the phases of the project and any requested changes are made at this time. Finally, a contract will be presented for signing once all elements are agreed upon.

4. Construction-
Work begins and clients are kept informed both verbally and in writing at all times. Any questions or concerns are addressed as they arise rather than after work has been completed.

5. Project Completion-
Clients conduct a final inspection only after final details and cleanup have been completed at the job site. The project manager is also in attendance and will present a certificate of satisfaction guarantee along with all warranties that come with various products used during construction.

VERA Construction is confident that working with the professionals on our team will encourage the development of mutually beneficial relationships that will stand the test of time. To learn more about how our team can work to turn any remodeling or new build project into a reality, call today.